MonoTEM-A for everyone

Besides Liver Transplant and Cardiosurgery, almost every other hospital specialty is involved in cases of patients that evidence actual or potential acute coagulation problems. Although statistically rare, most of these cases are often dramatic, involving hypercoagulation and/or hyperfibrinolysis. The information provided by the standard lab tests are insufficient to counteract with a specific therapy. Similarly, platelet count is not always a definite indication of the efficiency of platelets and of their ability to block bleeding. Typically, rare cases of haemostasis problems appear in OB/GY, in Neurosurgery, in Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Trauma, etc., specialties that could use a rapid, inexpensive POC diagnostic tool to support a proper diagnosis and therapy, thereby saving on transfusions and returns to the OR.

The thromboelastogram is a diagnostic tool that provides unique and definite information on hypercoagulation and hyperfibrinolysys (for instance as appear in the first phase of DIC) as well as on the quality of platelets.

In order to make this diagnostic tool available also to these hospital specialties, Framar Hemologix has developed this new inexpensive MonoTEM-A, a single-channel ThromboElastoMeter-Automated, that can be connected with any hospital PC or notebook to obtain a qualitative analysis of the coagulation process.

MonoTEM-A, complete with a simple software for operator interface, is the only thromboelasto-meter/graph with automated positioning of the sample, zero autocal at every test, and automatic sensor protection, besides all the features and technology found in other more expensive instruments. With a small investment it is now possible for every medical specialty involved in coagulation problems, even rare – but important, to have additional and immediate data to diagnose and provide the therapies needed for improving the outcome of their Department.

Because the TEM-A system is based on modules, and the software handles up to four modules, even the MonoTEM-A module can later be expanded either by the addition of other MonoTEM-As or by incorporating the module into the larger space-saving multi-module TEM-A.